Penguin Species Info

Common name Scientific name Range Population
Genus Aptenodytes
(breeding pairs)
   King Aptenodytes patagonicus Subantarctic and Antarctic islands between 46° and 55° south. 1,100,000
   Emperor Aptenodytes forsteri Antarctic pack-ice zone 400,000
   Genus Pygoscelis
   Gentoo Pygoscelis papua Subantarctic islands and the Antarctic Peninsula 600,000
   Adelie Pygoscelis adeliae Antactic continent and islands 5,000,000
   Chinstrap Pygoscelis antarctica Antarctic peninsula and subantarctic islands 7,500,000
Genus Eudyptes
   Rockhopper Eudyptes chrysocome Subantarctic islands 100,000
      (Southern) Subantarctic islands south of Antarctic Polar front.
      (Northern) Subantarctic islands north of Antarctic Polar front.
   Fiordland crested Eudyptes pachyrynchus Fiordland and Stewart Island coasts of New Zealand 5,000
   Snares crested Eudyptes robustus Snares Islands, New Zealand 30,000
   Erect-crested Eudyptes sclateri New Zealand subantarcic islands 150,000
   Macaroni Eudyptes chrysolophus Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctic and Subantarctic islands 11,800,000
   Royal Eudyptes schlegeli Macquarie Island, south of Australia 850,000
Genus Megadyptes
   Yellow-eyed Megadyptes antipodes South-east coast of New Zealand, Campbell and Auckland Islands 5,000
Genus Eudyptula
   Blue (little) Eudyptula minor New Zealand and Southern Australia 500,000
      (White-flippered) Eudyptula minor albosignata Banks Peninsula and Motunau Island, New Zealand
Genus Spheniscus
   Magellanic Spheniscus magellanicus Southern Argentina and Chile, Falkland Islands 750,000
   African Spheniscus demersus South-east coast of South Africa and Namibia 50,000
   Humbolt Spheniscus humboltdi Peru and Chile 30,000
   Galapagos Spheniscus mendiculus Galapagos Islands, Equador 3,000

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