Thursday, October 1, 2009

Phillip Island Nature Parks Penguin News

Phillip Island Nature Parks Penguin News

SPRING! It is time to get over the winter blues and start to prepare for the excitement of summer.

The penguins have started their breeding season early this year. Currently, almost 50% of the penguins are incubating eggs and less than 1% have chicks. In the Penguin Parade area, some eggs are due to hatch during the next few weeks.

Research into the diving behaviour of the penguins has started again this year. Early results show that the penguins (incubating eggs) are making shorter trips and shallower dives, compared to last year. This is a good indication that things are going well for the penguins at the moment.

Little Penguins may have evolved to be faithful to their mate and burrow in order to breed successfully. Penguins that reunite with their partners have more chance to breed successfully than penguins that change partners.

Divorce between penguins is more common in the earlier years of breeding. Birds may choose to change partners to gain a better mate and/or territory since they have failed last season with their partners. Birds may also divorce if there is a chance for them to improve breeding performance.

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