Saturday, February 13, 2010

Widowed penguin wooed by two suitors

Widowed penguin wooed by two suitors

The Sealife Centre penguins
The Sealife Centre penguins
08 February 2010
AS Valentine's Day approaches anxious staff at Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre are watching for signs of sibling rivalry in the penguin love stakes.

The newest arrival in the centre's penguin colony is nine-year-old Rosie, a widow of nine months who is looking for new love…and has two handsome young penguin studs to choose from.

Perhaps still mourning the loss of her long-term partner Dougal at her former home the Scarborough Sea Life Centre, Rosie has thus far spurned all advances from young brothers Ringo and Boomer.

“We're sure a longing for close companionship will override her sadness very soon now,” said Displays Supervisor Christine Pitcher. “She may also have shown little interest in Ringo and Boomer because at just four-years-old they are only barely sexually mature.”

If one of them does manage to turn Rosie's head, he could very soon find himself fulfilling parental duties.

Rosie has already produced two healthy offspring Kev and Barney, who are still flourishing in Scarborough.

Sadly, the Great Yarmouth colony of Humboldts - one of the world's most endangered penguin species - currently numbers seven, and one of the two brothers is destined to be a gooseberry.

“We're scouring the continent in search of another female to even things up, so whoever loses out shouldn't be disappointed for too long,” said Christine.

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