Friday, September 27, 2013

Penguins arrive at the Kansas City Zoo

Posted: 09/26/2013 By: Lindsay Shively

Kansas City, Mo. - Three Humboldt penguins are the first of a few dozen to ham it up for the camera, getting ready for the Kansas City Zoo's new penguin exhibit.

Zoo Director Randy Wisthoff said attendance at the zoo has continued to break records since Nikita the polar bear came in 2010. But with the addition of the penguins, attendance could push one million visitors this year. Before Nikita, attendance hovered around 500,000.

The penguins mark the first major use of money from the zoo tax passed in 2011 by Jackson and Clay County voters.

Zoo officials picked up the penguins from the Sedgwick County Zoo on Thursday morning and let the media get an up-close look Thursday evening.


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