Sunday, June 12, 2016

First penguin chick hatches at The Deep in Hull

By Hull Daily Mail  |  Posted: June 11, 2016
HATCHED: The Deep has seen its first ever penguin chick born

It is just a tiny bundle of fur at the moment. But, lying beneath the protective gaze of its parents is the first ever penguin chick to be born at The Deep.

The aquarium today announced the successful hatching of the chick, whose parents are long-term couple Nessie and Shackleton. In a statement on their Facebook page, The Deep said the young penguin emerged from its egg this morning.

"We are pleased to announce our first chick has hatched this morning!" they said. "The chick remains in the nest alongside the other egg being protected by mum and dad. "You may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse but for the majority of the time he or she will remain hidden and it is unlikely you will be able to see it."

The news that a penguin chick was on its way first emerged at the start of last month when a nest was spotted in the penguin enclosure at the popular aquarium.

The Deep
The egg the new penguin chick was in

Both parents spent around 30 to 35 days rearing the egg by sitting on it and incubating it, before it hatched. One more egg is currently still to hatch.

At the time, The Deep's science officer, Graham Hill, said it the birth of a new chick would be an exciting time for the aquarium but warned it would be a while before it was brought into the public eye.

"Producing chicks here has always been a big aim of ours, so it would be very exciting if it happened," he said. "We would have to take the chick out of the public eye to let it settle, but we would also want to keep it in the right setting and as natural as possible."


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