Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New Baby Penguin Makes First Waddle at Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

Published 07/11 2016

Gentoo penguins grow very fast!/Loveland Living Planet Aquarium
DRAPER, Utah (Good4utah)- The Loveland Planet Aquarium has a new baby penguin to show off.
The chick is a Gentoo penguin and was hatched about a month ago.

Officials at the aquarium say it takes just 60 days for Gentoo penguins to reach full size, so those interested in seeing the baby better hurry.

Coco and Gossamer are the proud parents. They took turns sitting on the egg and then continue caring for the chick after it hatched.

The chick fledges—leaves the nest—after about 75 days.

Don’t have a chance to make it to the aquarium? Check out the Penguin Cam for a live stream of the penguins.

To stay up to date on the growth of the baby chick follow The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium on Facebook.


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