Saturday, September 24, 2016

Lost Penguin Wanders into Lima Home, Startles Family (video)

A lost penguin wandered into a house Monday in the Northern Peruvian Town of Chimbote, 186 miles north of Lima. After shuffling through the streets all night, the penguin made its way into Mary Tancheva's kitchen, on the hunt for food. Tancheva said the noise of pots and pans crashing to the floor woke up the family, who thought they were being robbed. When she made her way to the kitchen, she confronted the thief. She and her children were more shock to see that it was a penguin. Local police arrived at the house in the Vista Del Mar neighborhood and took the penguin. The penguin was examined by government officials and taken to the Chimbote Zoo, where he was released into a large man-made lake. Veterinarians examined the penguin and return him to the sea. Scientists believed the penguin wandered from his usual habitat in search of food.

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