Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Melbourne Aquarium penguin couple celebrate arrival of Banjo

Baby penguin gets a check up
A PENGUIN couple at Melbourne Aquarium has been celebrating the newest addition to their family as they farewell their eldest offspring.
Mother KT and father Mawson welcomed Banjo, their first chick for 2016 while saying goodbye to three of their older children who left home for Sydney.

Banjo was welcomed into the world two weeks ago. Picture: Sarah Matray
Banjo was born weighing about 86 grams. Picture: Sarah Matray

Banjo has developed a healthy appetite. Picture: Sarah Matray
Banjo was born two weeks ago, weighing just 86 grams. Now he has tipped the scales at 915 grams thanks to his protective mum.
While the proud parents were nurturing their new arrival Banjo, his older siblings Budda, Parky and Monty joined the first colony of Melbourne penguins to move for Sydney Aquarium’s Penguin Expedition.
Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium lead bird keeper Amanda Hamilton was watching over Banjo’s growth as the parents continue to raise the chick.
“Both mum and dad are doing a great job of the multiple daily feeds and sharing the hard work,” she said.
“It’s a big time for [the] family as the eldest siblings make the exciting move to Sydney. But mum and dad will be kept nice and busy as Banjo will rely on the parents for some time before becoming fully fledged in approximately three months.”

Banjo with his very protective mum. Picture: Sarah Matray

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