Friday, March 6, 2009

Humboldt Penguins-Big Winners

Bob and Lucky take top spot in penguin poll

12:20pm Wednesday 21st January 2009

ANIMAL adopters have been rushing to p..p..p..pick up a penguin at Dudley Zoo as the birds come out on top.

Out of a 70-strong colony of rare Humboldt penguins, playful Bob and Lucky have proved the most popular in the zoo’s animal adoption scheme.

Dudley Zoo Chief Executive, Peter Suddock, said:” With 70 names to choose from, adopters really are spoilt for choice when it comes to penguins, but for some reason Bob and Lucky seem to be the ones they choose.

He added: “Arkwright, Mercutio and Waddle all have their admirers and Dippy, Torres and Petunia aren’t short of fans, but Bob and Lucky are out in front.”

The zoo’s penguins are highly endangered and the parent reared colony is now one of the largest in the UK, having helped found groups at wildlife collections across the country.

Animal adoptions costs £35 or £45 with a named plaque and can be purchased over the phone, online or at the Zoo’s safari gift shop.

For further details contact 01384 215313 or visit

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