Friday, June 4, 2010

Penguins Play Soccer!

NEW YORK, June 3, 2010

Penguins Play Soccer!

Show Team Spirit for Their Pick in World Cup

  •  (Reuters)
(CBS)  All of South Korea has caught soccer fever as the national team gears up to enter the next round of finals in the World Cup. The team has legions of fans who call themselves the "Red Devils" as they sport red jerseys to show their support for their favorite players.

According to Reuters, the athletes aren’t the only ones training hard for the upcoming games. Penguins at the Everland aquarium, outside Seoul, South Korea, have been working hard, as well. The flightless birds don the team’s uniforms as they show off their fancy footwork and their teamwork skills.

"We have formed a group of 'Penguin Supporters', hoping that our South Korean team will go to the next round at the World Cup finals in South Africa," said 33-year-old trainer Lee Kwang-hee at Everland.

The penguins are in training for the upcoming 2010 World Cup and demonstrated their skills on Thursday, June 3. South Korea is grouped with Argentina, Nigeria and Greece in Group B in the World Cup finals this year; it is their seventh consecutive finals berth.

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