Tuesday, June 1, 2010

W. Rockhopper Hatchings

30. 05. 10. - 11:00

P-p-pick a penguin chick

Marija Andric
Not even their keepers could p-p-pick a favourite.

Because these fluffy chicks are part of a brood of 10 rare Western Rockhopper penguins that have all been born in the past few weeks.

The youngsters are still too small to take to the water and spend most of their time guzzling up to 20 herrings a day or keeping their carers at Austria's Schoenbrunn Zoo in Vienna on the hop.

"Their feathers are not waterproof yet so they stay in their enclosure where we try to recreate as exactly as possible the conditions they would face in the wild," said one.

"They may be small but they're very quick and it's hard to keep track of who's who even though we can watch them on CCTV," they added.


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