Saturday, October 2, 2010

Penguins, Street View, in Google Earth

Cold snap ... penguins on Google Street View
Cold snap ... penguins on Google Street View.

Ice ... satellite view
Ice ... satellite view

Google brings Street View to Antarctica

Published On Fri Oct 01 2010
Chloé Fedio Staff Reporter
They can hardly be considered streets, but the barren rocks and icebergs of Antarctica can now be viewed through Google Street View.
Unless penguins make a fuss, the feature’s expansion to the globe’s seventh continent is not likely to prompt any privacy concerns in a harsh landscape with no permanent human residents.
Instead of the little yellow stick figure that travels through Canadian cities, the icon in Antarctica is a black and white penguin.
Google has so far only captured panoramic views of Half Moon Island, an area south of Argentina.
More static images contributed by users can also be seen on Google Maps by dragging the Pegman mascot to the blue dots.
Google has also expanded its 360-degree panoramic views to include the beaches of Brazil and the rolling hills of Ireland.


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