Saturday, January 15, 2011

First African Blackfooted Penguin Hatches At Splash Zone

Penguin Chick Hatched In Popular 'Splash Zone: Ocean Homes' Gallery

January 11, 2011

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Penguin Chick
Monterey Bay Aquarium
The first-ever African blackfooted penguin chick hatched at the Monterey Bay Aquarium over the weekend.Aquarium officials said the penguin chick hatched in the "Splash Zone: Ocean Homes" gallery on Saturday in the penguin exhibit.Aimee Greenebaum, of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, said the chick is vocalizing and appears to be doing well.“We’re very excited to welcome our first penguin chick,” she said. “It’s great to have a baby around.”If all goes well, Greenebaum said the chick will remain in its nest for about three weeks, or until it starts wandering out on its own.The chick will then be moved behind the scenes where it will be hand-raised until it becomes comfortable with people.Greenebaum said the chick will be raised as an "education bird," which means it will interact with the public as part of educational programs.


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