Friday, February 15, 2013

Baby Penguin Makes Debut At Adventure Aquarium

Casanova, the new penguin chick at Adventure Aquarium, made its media debut Thursday. (Courtesy: Adventure Aquarium)

 Posted: Feb 14, 2013

A baby penguin who hatched last month made its official debut Thursday at Adventure Aquarium.
The aquarium says the African Black-Footed penguin hatched on January 11. Although the penguin chick's sex is not yet known, the penguin has been named "Casanova" in honor of its Valentine's Day debut.
Aquarium employees report the penguin chick, who was the size of a golf ball when it hatched, is doing very well.
"It is gaining weight by leaps and bounds, vocalizing and is already starting to walk and learning to eat on its own," Pagel, an aquarium curator said in a statement.
The aquarium expects Casanova will be part of its penguin exhibit once it grows large enough to assimilate with other penguins.


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