Thursday, February 28, 2013

TasRail moves gravel from Penguin habitat

ABC February 27, 2013
Work has started in Tasmania's north-west to rehabilitate the site of a penguin colony which may have been disturbed by a rail upgrade.

Late last year, TasRail replaced ballast on the track at Penguin and dumped the old gravel beside the track near penguin habitats.

TasRail chief executive Damien White says some work has been done since residents alerted the rail operator to concerns about the penguins.

"There is some difficulty running a freight rail operation in Tasmania," he said.

"Volumes are small and the reality is the state desperately needed the funding from the Federal Government and from the state to rebuild the network.

"Some has been removed and again working with the local council, community groups around what other option can we improve the aesthetics, bearing in mind that we still haven't completely finished the job yet."


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