Monday, August 18, 2014

Fence to keep Blue Penguins off highway

By: Jessica McCarthy, New Zealand News | Monday August 18 2014
Photo: Stock Xchng
Photo: Stock Xchng
A run of the mill "stock" fence is the latest initiative being used to keep Blue Penguins off a state-highway on the West Coast.
More than a hundred of the world's smallest penguins have been killed on a stretch of road close to Punakaiki in the past five years.
West Coast Blue Penguin Trust trustee Leon Dalziel is hoping the fence will be a simple but successful solution.
It will be deep enough so penguins can't burrow under, and high enough so they can't jump over.
It's taken five years of fundraising to gather the $35,000 needed for the project.
Being hit by cars is the reason for 75 percent of Blue Penguin deaths in the area.


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