Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Now you can mop your floor with a penguin??

P-P-Pick up the dirt with this penguin multi-surface cleaner
The penguin floor cleaner cover helps your mop glide across surfaces (Picture: Felissimo)
Occasionally, even the most slovenly types are forced to wipe down the odd surface *sad face*.

And now you can put a bit of sparkle into the dullest of chores with the penguin multi-surface floor cleaning cover.

You may not have ever realised you needed it, but seeing this little stuffed penguin gliding across your floors as you clean may just brighten up the most menial of tasks.

The cuddly cover can be used with virtually any old mop – the hole in its torso lets you slide it over the mop handle. Then, it will glide over your tiled/wooden floors with ease, like a penguin on ice.
penguin pic 2
What the world was missing (Picture: Felissimo)
The cover is sold by Japanese online shop Felissimo for around £20 plus postage.
When you’re not mopping the floors (which, yeah, is basically all the time), or don’t actually own a mop – because Flash wipes – it also doubles up as a tissue box.
penguin pic 4
Or just put your tissues in its stomach-lining. Good (Picture: Felissimo)
Most pointless invention ever? Very possibly. But, for some reason, we still sort of want one.

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