Sunday, May 22, 2016

Over 218,000 Care2 Members Help Save St. Kilda Little Penguins

About 1,000 adorable little penguins, known as the St. Kilda penguins, have made their home in the breakwater that protects the harbor of St. Kilda, in the city of Melbourne, Australia.

Little penguins, which are only found in southern Australia and New Zealand, are the smallest penguins in the world at a height of only 13 inches and a weight of around 2.2 lbs.

Unfortunately, it seems that their tiny size has made them an easy target for the bullies of this world.
Earlier this year, a St. Kilda penguin was brutally kicked to death on the pier, and two weeks later another penguin was cruelly crushed and kicked. 

Here’s how Australian newspaper The Age described the attacks:

“Two little penguins from the famous St Kilda colony have been brutalised and left for dead in separate violent attacks in the past fortnight, volunteers say.
A penguin with a bloody face and chest was discovered inside the fence meant to protect the colony around St Kilda Pier, about 1.30am on Good Friday, by a volunteer.
It follows an attack a fortnight ago where German tourists saw a young man kick a penguin repeatedly, also inside the fence. The penguin’s dead body was found soon after and reported to police.”

When Michael Taylor learned about the attacks, he was furious and decided to create a Care2 petition, demanding that these tiny creatures be protected.


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