Monday, October 24, 2016

Autopsy report confirms penguin died of severe bacterial infection

  • Badri Chatterjee, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Oct 25, 2016

The post mortem identified that the bird’s respiratory and circulatory (heart) system was choked (HT file photo)

Dory’s autopsy report revealed that she died of a severe bacterial infection that led to septicaemia (bloodstream infection). The autopsy was conducted by the Bombay Veterinary College, Parel. However, Officials from the Byculla zoo said there are no specific reasons that could be attributed to the infection.
“While the necropsy (autopsy) report establishes the presence of bacterial infection, there is no specific cause for the development of such bacteria. However, it is clear the bacteria had harboured into the penguin’s intestines but it has nothing to do with food poisoning,” said Dr Sanjay Tripathi, zoo director. “The infection could have been triggered due to dysfunctional organs in the bird’s body.”
Though Tripathi added chances of other penguins contracting the infection are negligible, he refused to deny its possibility. “The remaining birds are healthy and they are eating normally,” he said.
The post-mortem identified that the bird’s respiratory and circulatory (heart) system was choked. “The trachea was congested, air sac appeared thickened and cloudy, and all the lobes of lungs were congested with frothy exudates oozing out. The pericardium (membrane enclosing the heart) had a cloudy and a yellowish-whitish layer was formed over the surface. The heart showed presence of haemorrhages and vessels appeared dilated with all chambers empty,” stated the report.


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