Monday, October 6, 2008

Flap Over Penguin Litter Bins

Row over Leeds school 'penguin' litter bins

Published Date: 06 October 2008
By David Marsh

PLANS to put giant penguin litter bins in some Leeds schools have met with a frosty reception.
Designed to encourage children to dispose of litter responsibly, the bins play a jingle when rubbish is thrown into them.
But at a cost of over £400 each, one headteacher has blasted the idea as a waste of money.

The proposal to put the bins in schools in the council's Weetwood ward has come from local councillors, who would pay for them out of council cash they are allocated to spend on local projects.

Stuart Tomlinson, headteacher at Cookridge Primary School, said: "I find the whole thing bizarre. The bins cost £350 each and you pay more for the jingle equipment and delivery and the total is £405. I think something more worthwhile could be done with the money. I find it extremely patronising to children and rather silly."
He suggested the councillors could have asked schools to come up with ideas on how the money should be spent and invited headteachers to make bids for green projects or other suitable schemes.

Mr Tomlinson said children at his school were already taught the importance of not dropping litter and spending money on penguin-shaped bins was unnecessary.
Coun Ben Chastney (Lib Dem, Weetwood), who came up with the bin idea, said: "The aim is to provide all six primary schools with these penguin bins and also composting bins and smaller paper recycling bins. I thought the idea of penguin bins gave the scheme a better handle rather than just handing over composting bins or whatever. We are not forcing them on schools."

He said the response of other schools in the area had been positive and he was disappointed Cookridge Primary would not be taking up the offer.

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