Saturday, October 4, 2008

Penguin Christmas Ornament

Barbara Crews
Penguin Salt Shaker

If you want an unusual way to decorate for the holidays, consider rounding up all those single salt and pepper shakers in the cabinets and make them into decorative pieces.

The best thing about this craft is the shakers are not damaged in any way and can always return to their "natural" state.

I have lots of salt and pepper shakers that I've picked up here and there -- so when I saw this idea at a local arts and crafts show I was intrigued by the different pieces.

The crafter used a variety of different single shakers to create fun looking pieces, lots of different ribbons and fringes were used, as well as beads from simple to unique.

It's very easy, just take a salt or pepper shaker, add some assorted yarns/fringe/ribbons, a few beads and in just a few minutes have an interesting ornament that can be used on a Christmas tree, hung from a light fixture or use as part of a curtain tieback. Or even better, a great gift for another collector!

Materials needed:

* Assorted yarns and ribbons -- approximately five 6 yard pieces
* One shaker
* Six - ten beads
* One piece 18 gauge (or thinner) wire

Tools needed: wire cutter, scissors and small square of cardboard.

The remaining instructions are HERE

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