Friday, October 17, 2008

Senior Citizens Share Day with Penguins

Wed, Oct 15, 2008

Adopted penguin delights seniors

By Senior Recreation

seniors took and hour-long trek to Jenkinson's Aquarium in Point Pleasant Beach. The prime reason for this trip was to visit "Raven" the eldest penguin at the aquarium, and the adopted "child" of the Pemberton seniors.Raven was the very first penguin brought to Jenkinson's when they decided to build the exhibit. He had been a resident of the Baltimore Aquarium and they generously donated him. received his name in honor of the Baltimore Ravens. The seniors enjoyed watching the feeding of the penguins and cheered Raven on as he tried to get more than his fair share. A staff member enters the display with buckets of fresh fish and slowly hands them out so each penguin will have a meal. Some try to snatch the fish from another's mouth while others like to catch their fish while swimming in the water. Raven has a wife, "Checkers" and he spent a lot of time grooming her and cuddling up close. He provided quite a show for the seniors.

African penguins are not very large, weighing only a few pounds. They actually do not like the very cold weather. They come from the southern tip of Africa and the surrounding islands. Their home at Jenkinson's is quite pleasant, a pool for swimming and a small "cave" for each pair of "married" couple, which mate for life. If you decide to visit them, try to get there before their 11 a.m. feeding time so you can observe their many antics trying to snatch the tiny fish.

Article courtesy of the South Jersey Local News;!-1170456366?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=pg_wk_article&r21.pgpath=%2FSJL%2FNews%2FCommunity+News&r21.content=%2FSJL%2FNews%2FCommunity+News%2FTopStoryList_Story_2519251

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