Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lehigh Valley Zoo Welcomes Penguins

They "marched" into town. And today, eight African penguins were put on display at the Lehigh Valley Zoo. WFMZ's Joscelyn Moes has the story.
Reporter Sometimes you just need a minute to take it all in...
...The sights.
Reporter The sounds. With the bravest birds out first...
Reporter the rest of the flustered flock followed... waddling right into the water... happy feet first.
Look it. They're trying to swim in the jet.
Reporter The eight tuxedo-clad creatures are as unique as their names... Thabo, Thulani, Greer, Quinn, Lyden, Kunyue, Curtis, and Houdini...
MOS They're so cute.
Reporter making for one "magical" bunch of birds.
MOS They're very squirmy and fun.
MOS I didn't know they were gonna swim like this they're kinda like ducks.
Reporter Ducks... they are not.
Nat: Do they walk? I'd like to see this.
Reporter The Lehigh Valley Zoo acquired the African penguins from zoos all across the country.
Stacey Johnson It's a kind of species what we call a charismatic species...
Stacey Johnson that everybody is just excited about right now.
Reporter The penguin push started more than a year ago...
Standup This was their first day in the water and already you can see they look right at home.
Reporter The swimming sensations stuck pretty close together in their 60,000 gallon penguin pool, making quite a splash with visitors marching in.

At the Lehigh Valley Zoo, Joscelyn Moes, 69 News.

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