Saturday, December 13, 2008

No Seoul in this Christmas Pagent

Have yourself a very penguin Christmas at Korea park??????

I am appalled at this story! No one who thinks of penguins and their own needs dresses them up like people. This is just sick, disgusting, and terribly stressful to those birds. The people of Seoul need to stick to reindeer. Try putting a suit on one of those critters... yeah. My thoughts exactly.

Signed me---mortified beyond belief

SEOUL (Reuters Life!) - Forget Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer. This Christmas, a family of penguins is helping boost the holiday spirit in South Korea.

At an amusement park outside Seoul, five penguins on loan from the zoo welcome visitors with a mini-parade that they will perform daily until Christmas Day.

The "mom", "dad" and three "baby" penguins also put on a show, where handlers dress them up in Santa costumes and let the birds waddle around on man-made snow and ice.

Children will also be able to hold some of the penguins, and even take them on sleigh rides.

"After seeing the Santa penguins, I'm looking forward to Christmas even more," said 11-year-old Kim Ga-yoon, who was at Everland Park recently.

Christmas is a major holiday in South Korea, home to one of Asia's largest Christian populations.

Earlier this month, to help boost business during the festive season, the park held "Santa" classes for its staff so that they can say "Merry Christmas" and chuckle with just the right cheer.

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