Saturday, December 27, 2008

MindTouch--you rock!!!!

MindTouch has a unique offer - upgrade from an open source to commercial version of the company’s Deki wiki, and they’ll adopt an emperor penguin through the World Wildlife Fund:

What’s really neat about this time of year is that people are wrapping up the year and bringing out their giving spirit - let’s not forget to include our precious endangered species on our list. So this year MindTouch will donate and adopt, from the World Wildlife Fund, an emperor penguin in your company’s name when you upgrade to MindTouch Standard or Enterprise license from an existing Deki Open Source installation.

My question is whether people using the Open Source version of Deki would be likely to convert to a commercial license, or are those using open source licenses the type of organizations that rely on open source licenses because they’re free - open source projects, non-profits, etc?

Do people often start out with an open source version as a way to try Deki before they buy? I’d love to know more about this, so if you’re a MindTouch customer (or employee), please chime in and let us know. Either way, I think this is a great idea, and perhaps something that commercial customers might be interested in too…

Emperor Penguin photo courtesy Guillaume Dargaud.
Story courtesy of Future Changes @

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