Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Death a part of penguin life

People finding ailing blue penguins on the beaches or in the harbour are being advised by the Department of Conservation to leave them be.

“This penguin carcass appears to have been played with post mortem – which is a bit disturbing.” - Chris Clark.
“Leave them alone, don’t take them home, they will die,” says DOC programme manager biodiversity Chris Clark.
“Just let nature take its course.”
DOC is fielding many calls from people who have blue penguins in their hot water cupboard, or the bath – which blue penguins don’t take well to.
Nurturing sick native birds is a skill that few people around the Bay have developed, says Chris.
We get a certain amount of mortality with blue penguins at this time of year, says Chris.
“It’s just a fact of life.
“The birds they breed all the way round the North Island. They come up on the Mount beaches and they are seen in the harbour as well.”
In the harbour, young blue penguins tend to get hit by boats. If people find them wandering about the dunes, put them under a bush, says Chris. If they’re dead, bury them.


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