Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fish pie for Helston penguins

Staff at the National Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall have devised the most un-appetising Christmas pudding imaginable: ‘Fish- mas pudding’.
Fortunately for employees it won’t feature on the buffet at the staff Christmas party but has been devised as a special Christmas treat for the sanctuary’s six Humboldt penguins.
A smash hit with visitors since their arrival in Easter, Piran, Ruby, Gilbert, Lola, Barney and Ivy will be celebrating their first Christmas at the Seal Sanctuary this year and staff are determined to mark the occasion.
Tamara Cooper, Head of Animal Care at the Sanctuary, said: “We thought it would be great fun for our penguins to take part in Christmas by making them their very own Christmas pudding full of treats.
“We wanted to give them something they’d really enjoy for Christmas as they are a new addition to the family here.
“Knowing how much they love their food, we knew a fish-mas pudding would go down very well – in about two seconds probably.”
Made with a ‘de-fish-ous’ combination of penguin favourites sprat and herring and frozen into the traditional shape of a large Christmas pudding, the fish-mas pudding will be fed to the birds on Christmas day.
Tamara said: “The frozen pudding will pose a puzzle for the penguins and encourage them to think carefully as to how best to get at the food inside.
“These kinds of enrichment activities help to keep the penguins stimulated and their minds active.”


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