Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jane Lynch Hits The Recording Booth With Some Penguin Pals

Jane Lynch hits the recording booth with stuffed penguins for film narration.
Jane Lynch is a super talented lady!!
So of course she'd be the perfect choice to narrate the Discovery and BBC co-produced film PENGUINS: WADDLE ALL THE WAY!
She was snapped while in the recording studio laying down some narration.
She shared the pic (above) and wrote:

"I'm in the booth today w/ penguin pals recording narration for PENGUINS: WADDLE ALL THE WAY. 11/23 on @Discovery"
Aww! that's so cute!
She wanted to get into the spirit of things by hanging around some penguins!
She obviously couldn't have real penguins in the recording booth with her so the stuffed ones would have to do.
Still cute, though! Thanks for sharing, Jane!
[Image via Jane Lynch.]


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