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Free Penguin Parade app for phones and tablets!

The Penguin Parade Phillip Island app provides detailed and interactive information which will enhance your visit to the world famous Penguin Parade. This rich, image-oriented app will take you behind the scenes of the penguin colony and help you learn everything you need to know about little penguins.
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Highlights include:

Burrow cam iPhone 228x
Live burrow cam
3D penguin Android phone 228x
3D Penguin
German Android phone282x
Available in 6 languages
Weighbridge iPhone 228x
Real data to device
• Lives Burrow Cam – directly from a penguin’s burrow!
• 3D Penguin – flip the bird and discover all the physical traits that help penguins survive at sea and on land.
• Penguins Everywhere - find the best spot to get up close and personal and watch them waddle from beach to burrow.
• Penguin Tracking - follow four little penguins as they head to their burrows and at sea.
• Penguin Data to Device– see interviews with those closest to the penguins and watch the birds crossing the research weighbridge while real data about each penguin appears on your screen.
• All 17 Penguins of the world - learn about penguins of the world, including where they live and threats they face.
• Play a Game - collect as many fish as you can while avoiding the obstacles, or test your knowledge with our question and answer section.
• 6 Languages – App offered in English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German and Spanish.
And there’s more – other features include:
• Arrival Times and Directions - helpful information including daily updates as to when penguins arrive.
• Protecting Penguins - read about the history of the Penguin Parade and how we protect the little penguin colony.
• Adopt a Penguin – adopt your own penguin and contribute to conservation.
• Welcome to Country – hear the Welcome to Country by a local Aboriginal elder and listen to her story about penguins.