Saturday, February 21, 2015

3Penguins make their way to northern Michigan

by Allison Scott
Posted: 02.20.2015

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY -- It was a sight on Grand Traverse Bay that had many people taking another look. There were three penguin statues standing on the bay for all to see.
The penguins must have known we were having very cold weather, so they made their way to Traverse City. But how they got here remained a mystery for most of Friday.

The penguins were a sight to see for many people going about their daily routines. "This is part of our regular route. We go to the Holiday Inn and back to the west side down the parkway and I was just down here Wednesday, two days ago, took the dog on the beach here and there were no penguins,” said Scott Baty, Traverse City Resident. “Come by this morning and there's penguins."

The penguins were located on West Bay near the intersection of Park Street and Grandview Parkway.
The penguins are only plastic, but their life-like features caused many people to take a second glance. "I think it's lovely,” said Jane Baty, Traverse City Resident. “I think it's great. I hope they do more. We'll have to seek them out."

Penguins in northern Michigan are something the Executive Director of the Cherryland Humane Society says he hasn't seen before. "It's brand new,” said Mike Cherry, Cherryland Humane Society Executive Director. “As a matter-of-fact, we've had large flocks of flamingos in the past during the warm weather and that, but this is brand new."

Unfortunately, Cherry says the shelter isn't equipped to take in the penguins. "They live in large colonies,” said Cherry. “You’re going to need to take care of about 20 penguins minimum. So that mean you're going to have to have a pretty healthy income." The important thing is they brought a warm smile to people on a cold day.

Friday afternoon, Maxbauers Market sent out a release claiming responsibility for putting the penguins on the bay. Maxbauers' co-owner said it was part of their promotional effort to remind people that they sell fresh fish, which penguins love.


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