Thursday, February 19, 2015

Little blue #penguin walks its way to fitness

Thursday February 19, 2015 Source: ONE News

A little blue penguin in Palmerston North has been hitting the treadmill in a bid to recover from a serious leg injury.

It was brought to the Wildbase wildlife hospital at Massey University in December with a laceration to the back of her leg, and a severed tendon.

After surgery she had a cast on the leg for several weeks, followed by light physio which included a gentle range of motion exercises.

"We are now increasing her muscle mass, strength and stamina (after being a well fed couch potato!) by swimming her daily, range of motion exercises and also continuous walking on the treadmill - with splash factor!," Wildbase wrote on its Facebook page.

"The hospital has a hydro-physio treadmill that we are able to use. The water will add a level of resistance which will help build strong penguin muscles!"


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