Friday, February 6, 2015

World's Oldest African #Penguin In Captivity Dies At Pueblo Zoo

Credit: Pueblo Zoo

After a long life filled with dips in the pool and TLC from zookeepers, Pueblo Zoo's beloved African Penguin Tess died Friday at the age of 40.

Tess smashed records for longevity during her four decades, and is the world record holder for longest-living African Penguin in captivity. She lived double the normal life span of 15-20 years.
Tess was very happy in her home at the Pueblo Zoo, a spokesperson with zoo says, who credits Tess' adjustment to the zoo's penguin colony and her "excellent care" as likely reasons she lived so long.

Tess was in good health throughout her life, and only recently was slowed by cancer. Even then, the zoo says she continued her role as ambassador for her species by going through advanced treatment at Colorado State University Veterinary School--contributing to the students' medical knowledge.

“She was truly a special animal," her primary keeper Melanie Pococke said in a statement Friday. “Though she was slowing down in her advanced age, she loved her early morning swims and being given a little special attention at feeding times.“

The zoo is waiting for test results to confirm cause of death.
Tess leaves behind her mate, Mongo.


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