Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bromsgrove allotment owner's request for penguin dropping poo-pooed

 Jane Ffoulkes of Bromsgrove with the Gentoo Penguins at the National Sea Life Centre Birmingham

Ian Craig /

AN ALLOTMENT owner from Bromsgrove searching for the perfect fertiliser made an unusual request to a Midlands sea life centre.
Jane Ffoulkes began tending an allotment in the town earlier this year and, while researching types of fertiliser, discovered penguin droppings contained exactly what she needed.
She said: “The excrement, known as guano, contains the contents of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium, all three essential nutrients for plant growth.
“I then looked into the closest place I could get my hands on this and got in touch with The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham.”
The attraction’s marketing manager George Paige said: “I was surprised when someone contacted us for our penguin poo, as this is probably one of the most unusual requests we have had.”
Unfortunately the centre had to poo-poo the idea due to licensing restrictions and instead offered a bag of plant fertiliser as consolation.

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