Friday, October 23, 2015

Videos: Munro the penguin is weighed to check he's bulking up before moulting season

Published 23/10/2015

Taronga Zoo's Munro the penguin weighed in at a healthy 3.3kg ahead of his summer moulting.

Unlike most who avoid the dreaded bathroom scales in the lead up to summer, Munro the penguin happily stepped up to the challenge during his morning weigh-in at Sydney's Taronga Zoo.
The frail Fiordland Crested Penguin was brought to the Zoo suffering from malnutrition after swimming 2000km across sub-Antarctic waters in 2006 weighing only about 2.0kg and has since tipped the scales at a healthy 3.3kg.
"All we need to do is place the scales down and he hops straight on," keeper Jose Altuna said on Friday.
"It's a very positive experience for him and he knows he'll get a tasty fish afterwards."
Munro's mission now is to bulk up in preparation for moulting season, so he'll be consuming 1.2kg of fish each day.
During moulting season Munro won't eat for three weeks but he'll have 2kg of reserve fat to keep him going, Mr Altuna added.


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