Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Kansas City Zoo shares picture of new penguin chick on Facebook

Jan 5, 2016
KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Get ready to say "aw!"

The Kansas City Zoo shared a picture of a new gentoo penguin chick on its Facebook page.
Julie Neemeyer with the Kansas City Zoo said the chick was born on Sunday.

Neemeyer said this is the first gentoo penguin chick since 2014. The zoo had two gentoo chicks born in December 2014. Neemeyer said Humboldt penguin chicks were born at the zoo in 2015.

The zoo will wait until this chick is older before determining its sex. Neemeyer said the only way to determine a penguin's sex is by checking its DNA.

You can see the newest addition, and all the other penguins, at the Helzberg Penguin Plaza. You can also see the penguins at home with the KC Zoo’s Penguin Cam.


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