Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Remember this? Mischievous penguins try to break out of Danish zoo (VIDEO)

What's black-and-white and not so sneaky? A group of penguins trying to make their ‘great escape’ from a Danish zoo. It turns out that little penguin paws leave some pretty unmistakable footprints on frosty surfaces, making it easy for them to be found.

In a video posted online by Odense Zoo in Denmark, several penguins seem to be missing. But the zookeeper doesn't seem particularly worried because the route of the would-be escapees was pretty obvious.

Following the tracks led the zookeeper to the five fugitives, who were waddling as fast as they could down a hallway. It seems they were aware of their bad behavior, because they turned back around when they heard the zookeeper's voice.
Better luck next time, little penguins.


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