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Tuesday 27 July

penguins news

Hot and steamy on Summerlands Peninsula
Penguins are starting early this year, getting in to shape and getting as much practice as possible before the breeding season begins in September.
It is not their usual time to breed but the large numbers of Little Penguins on Phillip Island are coming ashore to mate without producing eggs. This ‘false breeding season’ lasts for four to five weeks and males at the Penguin Parade have been courting females with calls and displays.

In past years the penguins abandon these attempts at breeding and start again around September.
In other news, there have been no recorded Little Penguin deaths due to foxes during the 2009/2010 financial year.
“This is a positive sign that the Nature Park’s fox eradiation strategy is having a significant impact on fox numbers on Phillip Island,” said Dr Roz Jessop, environment Manager at the Nature Park. The strategy is in its fourth year and aims to eliminate the European Red Foxes, one of the greatest land-based threats to the Little Penguins and other wildlife on Phillip Island.

a penguin odyssey

Penguin Island Television Premier
An entertaining, epic view of life, love and survival from the smallest penguins in the world…
Penguin Island - a documentary series following the fascinating lives of the world’s smallest penguins, premiered in the U.K. on BBC One, Wednesday 14 July.

The series takes viewers on a journey with the Little Penguins as they search for love, go through the trials and tribulations of raising a family and struggle to survive a scorching summer on Phillip Island.

Over two years in the making, the six-part series used satellite tracking and underwater cameras to capture the ‘secret’ lives of several wild Little Penguin families. Penguin Island also goes ‘behind the scenes’ to show the passionate Nature Park scientists and rangers who work to protect them.

The series was filmed at the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island which sees over half a million visitors each year and is home to one of the largest Little Penguin colonies in the world.

Penguin Island was produced by 360 Degree Films with the talent of Australia’s best documentary filmmakers (including David Parer) and will screen on ABC Australia in September, Arte France and National Geographic as well as the BBC.

did you know?

Penguins are not found in the Australian Fur Seal diet; however this compares to their neighbours the New Zealand fur Seals which find little penguins a juicy treat.

penguin foundation

The Penguin Foundation is turning 5 this year! Stay tuned for birthday celebrations

Adopt a Penguin

Source: Penguin Foundation Newsletter July 2010

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