Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tennessee Aquarium Otters and Penguins Chill Out During Snow Day Event

Animals and visitors got a cool treat this morning at the Tennessee Aquarium, when a blizzard blew right through the otter and penguin exhibits. Otters and penguins require mental stimulation along with a balanced diet and physical activity.
Keepers use a variety of enrichment activities to ensure that the animals stay healthy.    

Aquarium officials brought in several bucket loads of snow today, kicking off the "blizzard of fun" event.
Keepers also hide lake smelt in the snow for the penguins to find.
Lori Beth Aldrich, Aviculturist, "for penguins in the wild, they're naturally going to hunt and look for things. They're going to look for food and defend off other birds. And just bringing in snow adds another element and things they can look through."
Visitors can chill out at the Tennessee Aquarium throughout the holiday weekend.
Many fascinating creatures will make hourly Animal Encounter  appearances in both Aquarium buildings.


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