Sunday, July 11, 2010

Strange Connections to Penguins

A Million Penguins--the first wiki novel written by people on the net. See what I mean HERE

Inhumane USBsPenguin USB flash drive, anyone? Read more HERE

Hands-Free Timed TeaHands Free Timed Tea? See how it works HERE

What NOT to do with penguins: 

 Personal Ads for Penguins

Roxy, a popular Rockhopper penguin at the London zoo, is actively looking for a mate. She is free, single and even has a MySpace page advertising her qualities. Jackass penguins need not apply.
“I’ve been living here at London Zoo for over a year after moving from Whipsnade Zoo. I just couldn’t hack country life as I’m more of an urban chick and prefer the pace of life in London. I’ve been lucky with my property acquisitions; there aren’t many pads in central London that boast their own pool and lots of outdoor space.”
Roxy’s personal ad continues on to discuss her views on commitment: “I’m keen to see what else is out there before I commit though—we penguins are faithful souls that mate for life so I don’t want to be too hasty.” Roxy posted on her page.”
She’s looking for “A male rockhopper with good feathers—must be part of the European breeding programme though.”
Among her favorite heroes are Feathers McGraw, Pingu, Wheezy the Penguin, and Chilly Willy.
You can visit Roxy online and send a Valentine card. She has many human friends and admirers.

Source for penguin personal ad HERE

Instead of the Rubber Duckie...

Until now, ducks have been taking over the bathtub kingdom, but the introduction of the Light-Up Penguin might bring this duck ruling to an end.
These rubber penguins flash when their tummies touch water and come in a set of three penguins in different sizes and colours.
Put your rubber duckie away, because the flashing Light-Up Penguin is here to stay!

Source 22 Peculiar Penguin Innovations - Photo 1 I have no idea what the heck these things are... see if you can figure them out.  Source

But we do have a penguin droid...

The latest in androids is TheCorpora Qbo robot; with its pudgy body and wide eyes, it’s more cute than threatening. (I have a thing about robots taking over the world.)
This little tub of mechanics include a movable head with high-def webcam vision complete with motorized eyelids and three LED microphones. The base section of the TheCorpora Qbo robot has a status display, a stero and according to TheCorpora there are various ultrasonic and infrared sensors.


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