Monday, February 20, 2012

Calgarians continue to show their love to the Penguins

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Courtesy of 660's Teri Fikowski

Teri Fikowski and Nadia Jannif Feb 19, 2012
Penguin fever is sweeping through the city this long weekend with thousands gathering to see Calgary's new exhibit.

Judy Lang with the Calgary Zoo tells 660News, attendance has been through the roof since 'Penguin Plunge' opened Friday.

"We've probably had about 12,000 people though the zoo in the last two days.  So probably about 6,000 people have made it through the building," Lang says.

She recommends coming early to see the flightless birds that have already won the hearts of Calgarians.

"As the days progress, the lines get longer.  And we do have to shut them down in time to get everyone through by five o'clock, so we suggest the earlier you get here the better," says Lang.

Sunday, hundreds more lined up well before the gates opened, to take a peek a the zoo's latest attraction.

Heath was first in line with his daughter Reed and says they got here well before the gates opened.

"I heard about the line ups from yesterday (Saturday), so we wanted to get here as quick as we could and beat the crowd,"  Heath says.

The long lines didn't seem to deter many, Tara was back in line for the second time this weekend, "We waited in line to get into the exhibit for an hour and a half, and it was totally worth it, it's incredible."

The tuxedoed birds new home cost nearly $25-million dollars and is the second largest permanent penguin exhibit in North America.


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