Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New penguin goes on exhibit at RW Zoo

New Roger Williams Park-Zoo Penguin (Photo By: Brett Cortesi)
'Providence' hatched on Nov.4

Published : Tuesday, 07 Feb 2012
PROVIDENCE, RI (WPRI) - The cold temperatures will suit the newest resident of Roger Williams Park Zoo.
Providence, a Humboldt penguin that hatched on November 4, 2011, is now on exhibit.

"Everything's great.  When visitors do come out they're going to notice that he is the same size as the adults, kind of like an adaptation for these birds to grow quickly and get out of the nest as quickly as possible," says Anne Barilla a Zoo Keeper at Roger Williams Park Zoo.

Providence is still learning how to communicate and how to respect the other penguins.
Physically, he will undergo some changes in his beak, but will remain gray and white until next year.
In the wild, the humboldt penguin is found along the coast of Chile and Peru, so mostly in tropical climates.
As a result, these penguins don't like the cold.


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