Thursday, February 23, 2012

Penguin chick back on loose at Manly Wharf

VOLUNTEERS captured Manly Wharf’s little penguin chick this week after its feet got tangled in fishing wire.

Photographer David Jenkins noticed the baby, now nicknamed “Lucky”, was limping on the weekend.
Lucky is the baby of Manly Cove’s last breeding pair of little penguins Stickybeak and his mate Mrs Silverwing.

Penguin co-ordinator Angelika Treichler and Australian Seabird Rescue volunteer Silke Stuckenbrock decided to investigate on Monday night.

Ms Stuckenbrock said they waited until Lucky appeared in front of his nest just before sunset to wait for his parents, who had been out hunting for fish.

“Lucky was very lucky,” Ms Stuckenbrock said, as there was no damage to his legs or feet. “The line was around his legs, but it wasn’t embedded, he just couldn’t get it off his foot.”

Ms Stuckenbrock, who is also the founder of the Two Hands Project, said it highlighted the need for people to pick up their garbage.

“If you step over that piece of plastic, it will break into smaller pieces but it will still be there in 300 years. Just pick it up, especially if it’s fishing line, we always ask fishermen to take more line than brought with them.”

If you see any birds entangled in fishing line you can call Australian Seabird Rescue on 0428 862 852 or go to


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