Sunday, February 12, 2012

Penguin couple get married--no joke

Sunday February 12, 2012
Penguin couple get married

Wedding bells rang for one penguin couple at the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium ahead of Valentine's Day next week.
Reuters reports the aquarium started staging a penguin wedding on February 10 for visitors to begin marking the holiday of love.
Organisers said penguins were selected for the event because of their monogamous nature.
The two penguins, Xiaobai and Xiaoxue had been identified as a loving couple by aquarium staff.
'First of all, Valentine's Day is coming up and we can feel this festival approaching us. Our aquarium, looking from the viewpoint of our marine species, decided to stage a wedding for this penguin couple. They are one of the few in the animal kingdom that are monogamous, which is similar to us, human beings. So we hope that through this event, everyone will feel love is in the air,' said penguin keeper, Ding Ding.
The two Humboldt Penguins from the southern hemisphere were ushered out of their enclosure and into their wedding ceremony in a remote controlled car as visitors cheered them on.
Staff then placed a bouquet of flowers on their neck to represent the wedding rings for their nuptial day with visitors taking snaps of the pair.
Visitors told Reuters they were happy to have shared this day with them. 'I am very happy to have witnessed this penguin wedding. I wish them everlasting love and I also wish for us to be happy and loving till the end of our lives. Personally, I feel very good and very happy today,' said 24-year-old Wang Guoying.
The penguin wedding will be held twice daily at the aquarium from February 11 to 14. There will be a show each in the morning and afternoon daily for visitors, with an extra one scheduled for the night of Valentine's Day.


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