Friday, September 14, 2012

Penguin had neck wounds: Manly Council to review signage

MANLY Council will review signage regarding dogs on leashes at Little Manly after a penguin was found dead with neck wounds on Sunday
Manly resident Sara Davies discovered the dead female penguin at the north end of the beach on a rock.
Dogs are only allowed on the beach if they are on a leash.
"It had scratches and grazes on its neck, she said.
"I felt really sad."
She called Penguin Protectors co-ordinator Angelika Treichler, who took it to Taronga Zoo for an autopsy.
Ms Treichler said the zoo's autopsy results showed that it was female and had been dead for at least three days.
"It was too difficult to determine the initial cause of death but a dog had certainly played with it," she said.
A male penguin was seen in a nest in a nearby rock crevice with a chick, believed to be the dead penguin's.
"When we got there, we saw that the chick was too young to be left alone and will probably starve because the remaining parent cannot go foraging to feed it," Ms Treichler said.
Mrs Davies and Ms Treichler will monitor the penguin chick and its father over the next few days, hoping it will survive without its mother.


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