Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zoo Sends Penguins Off With A Party

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - All summer flings must come to an end and Topeka will have to part with its popular Penguin Plunge Exhibit next week.
The exhibit was on display at the Topeka Zoo all summer, but the travelling birds will return to their home at the Ohama zoo at the end of September.
Sarah Diehl took this Sunday to take her daughter, 10-month old Julia, to say bye bye to the birdies.
"When she gets there, she smiles and she'll clap her hands up and down, looking at them and giggling with the penguins," Diehl said.
The zoo gave its six African Penguins a proper send-off with free pony rides, a puppet show, and face paintings.
Diehl said its never too early to get humans to learn from the animal kingdom.
"I was actually coming to the Topeka Zoo when I was pregnant with her," Diehl said. "There's never a thing as too early. They always can learn and explore and look," she said.
"In Kansas, we don't have many penguins at all. So it's fun to see them and it's fun to show my little daughter something outside
our normal realm," she said.
Cousins Gordon Fineday and Shelby Bointy saw the exhibit for the first time and they say it beats watching TV.
"I think they're really cool because one swam really deep. And it was kind of awesome to see them do that," Shelby said.


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