Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cotswold Wildlife Park's new penguins hatch - ready for winter

One of the baby penguins  

One of the baby penguins 
THE weather may be grey and chilly for us, but for these baby penguins it’s perfect.

Steven and Heather hatched at their home at the Cotswold Wildife Park, a few weeks ago – the first penguin chicks to have been born at the park, near Burford, since 2007.

They will be introduced to the rest of the group in their pool later this month.

Penguin chick Stephen is pictured with Davide Frigo, head of the bird section.

Curator Jamie Craig said: “After several barren years, our penguins have produced two chicks which have been hand reared by the bird team. This is quite a labour intensive process for the keepers and it is with a hint of sadness that they will be following their integration into the penguin colony.”

And the penguins are not the only new arrivals at the park. Four otter cubs – or kits – are reported to be in good health, though visitors will have to be lucky to catch them - they usually only rise from their nest at feeding times or in the late afternoon.


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