Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Penguins killed in dog attack

IT IS a sad day when 15 little penguins are discovered dead on a beach.
This happened recently on Camdale beach.

"We had a call from a resident that there were dead penguins," North-West Parks and Wildlife officer Tina Alderson said.
"They collected the carcasses for us and brought them in the next day.

"(The attack) may have happened over a couple of days - it's hard to determine," Ms Alderson said.
Ms Alderson said the carcasses were sent off to the animal health lab in Launceston for an autopsy, with the results indicating the Penguins were killed in a dog attack.

"It's unfortunate because it is breeding season as well. Some of those penguins may have had eggs or chicks."
Ms Alderson said dog owners should not allow their animals to roam - particularly at this time of the year with penguins nesting.

"If you do see a dog roaming in the area, call a dog control officer," she said.
If you stumble across dead penguins, contact the nearest Parks and Wildlife service office, or call the Biodiversity Conservation Branch on 62336556.

If you come across an injured penguin in your travels, Ms Alderson said the best way to deal with it was to place it in a well-ventilated box and in a quiet, cool place and contact your local vet or a wildlife carer.


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