Saturday, January 26, 2013

Penguin gets new suit to keep warm

Updated: Friday, 25 Jan 2013
MYSTIC, Conn. (WTNH) -- A penguin at the Mystic Aquarium needs a little help staying warm while swimming in this cold weather. The little guy has had some trouble growing his feathers back after molting.

No formal attire for the little guy. Yellow Pink gets dressed in a wetsuit each day. No, his tuxedo isn't at the dry cleaners, it's more a personal problem.

"He currently is going through what we call premature feather loss," said Josh Davis, Mystic Aquarium.

Each year African Penguins at Mystic Aquarium molt which means they lose and replace their feathers but Yellow Pink's outer feathers never grew back. An odd site among his peers.

"Actually we were seeing some penguins look at him funny before the wet suit when he didn't have his feathers but now that he has the wet suit on their like okay that's normal," said Davis.

Now the fourteen year old fits right in. Even his better half is getting used to his new look.
"His mate will actually preen it sometimes just like she would his feathers," said Davis.

Because it is so cold out Yellow Pink is not going outside to swim. Instead, he is getting a different type of exercise.

Wandering around just like he'd do in the exhibit. His wet suit keeps him warm without keeping him from joining any penguin games like swimming of course.

"And he can also climb into his territory, climb around the rocks on exhhibit. He can do everything all the other penguins can do," said Davis.

Custom made comfort until his molting gets back on track.

"We do anticipate him to molt we just don't know when," said Davis.

In the meantime he's sporting a sportier look these days.


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