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Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium Shows Off Black Footed Penguins

Posted: 01/18/2013
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At Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium, the black footed penguins are one of the most popular animal attractions. Guests of all ages are able to enjoy viewing the penguins both above and below the water line, watching as the waddling penguins become graceful swimmers as they dive and plunge through the clear water. 
A native of the southern coast of Africa, the black footed penguin is one of seventeen species of penguins spread across the southern hemisphere. The black footed penguin is unique in its variety of names. Besides black footed, they are referred to as African penguins and "jackass" penguins, due to the similarity in their call to that of a donkey. Penguins are flightless birds who use their wings to glide and swim under the water, rather than fly. 
Black footed penguins are monogamous, mating for life. Each year they return to the nesting site and will find the perfect spot among rocky outcrops and sand dunes for their nest. One to two eggs are laid and are guarded by both parents until they hatch. The chicks stay with their parents for several months until they are able to swim and hunt on their own at which time they will spend a majority of the rest of their life in the sea. 
Black footed penguins face many challenges throughout their lives. Predators, such as sharks and fur seals patrol the seas, while land based predators, such as mongooses and domestic cats, patrol nesting sites. Penguins also face many other threats, including oil spills, poaching, and climate change, all of which have taken a toll on their numbers. Thankfully, many local and global organizations, like Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium, are contributing to education and conservation efforts in support of black footed penguins and their future.

Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium
At the Corner of the Loop 303 and Northern Ave. in Litchfield Park.
Phone Number:  623-395-Wild (9453)    

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