Saturday, June 29, 2013

Irwin, the new Humboldt penguin at the Oregon Zoo (Images)

By Benjamin Brink, The Oregonian

June 28, 2013
The five new Humboldt penguin chicks that hatched at the Oregon Zoo are now three months old and have begun to emerge from their nest boxes and explore their surroundings. The young penguins are easy to identify: they are not the stark black and white of adult Humboldts and don't have the distinctive horseshoe-shaped band in the chest area. Irwin, the chick named for Australian wildlife expert and “crocodile hunter” Steve Irwin, waddles over the rocky terrain and darts through the clear water of the zoo’s penguinarium, but often just stands still as if thinking. Irwin, is as tall as his parents but is still being fed by his mom and dad. At this age parents feed their young by eating fish, digesting it, and then regurgitating it into their beak and into the baby penguin's mouth. The keepers call it "fish smoothie."




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